[CLOSED] Pattern Giveaway!!

:star:!! PATTERN GIVEAWAY !!:star:

The testing period for the Diva Corset pattern is almost done, and I wanted to celebrate releasing my first ribblr pattern with a giveaway! Thank you all for the support I have so many more ideas and patterns coming soon so be sure to follow to keep up with the pattern releases! Crocheting has quickly become a passion of mine so thank you all for following me along my creative journey. :slight_smile:

:two_hearts:Pattern Release Date: 2/3/2023 Mark your calendars!:two_hearts:

I will be choosing 5 people to give the pattern away to
To Enter the Giveaway:

  1. Follow me and favorite my shop
  2. Like this post
  3. Comment you favorite Work In Progress
  4. Agree to complete a journal entry for the pattern

:white_check_mark:Winner’s will be announced 2/2/2023​:white_check_mark:


Id love to enter the give away, your pattern sounds super cute! and also congrats on your first release when you do… Ive followed and favourited your shop, my fave WIP right now is one im testing, its a mushroom bucket hat. so cute so far! ive made lots of journal pictures. Id deff make a journal for this pattern as well, like i do for all my ribblr creations :heart: thank you


(I did everything on the list) Right now I’m working on a star sweater! Its my first time using a grid to crochet something so wish me luck! I’m about halfway done. :slight_smile: I’d love to work on this pattern, I was looking at it while testing was going on, but i was busy haha. I will complete a journal entry for this pattern as well. Thanks for reading and considering me, have a lovely day! :smiley:


Thank you for entering the giveaway! Using grids seems so intimidating :see_no_evil: good luck!


Thank you for entering the giveaway! Mushroom bucket hat sounds really cute :heart_eyes:


hey! id love to enter your giveaway! i favorited or shop and followed u! my favorite wip rn is a valentine’s day cardigan that i’m free handing, it’s my first big project without a pattern! congrats on ur pattern release btw! id love to write a journal for it :))


I agree to journal. My favorite wip project is the cawl I am testing.


Thank you for entering the giveaway! Nice cardigans take so long to make but it’s so worth it.


Thank you for entering the giveaway! I tried to make a crawl once and it turned out wonky :confounded:

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I’ve done everything and my fav WIP is a pink cow and yellow axolotl! I’ll do a journal entry to keep track!

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Thank you for entering the giveaway! An axolotl sounds so cute.

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