[Closed] Tester call!: Chick inside of a chicken pattern: No sew

This is my mostly no-sew chick inside of a chicken pattern! I did add 1 modified step in addition to the rest of the pattern incase anyone doesnt want their chick inside of its “mother” chicken! This is basically 2 patterns in 1…literally

Here is what Im asking of my possible testers:

:chicken:You must be able to complete this pattern within 5-7 days

:hatched_chick:You must follow the entirety of the pattern. (Except if you want your chicken and chick together, you can ignore the modified step. Only exception)

:chicken:Keep a journal, it is helpful to me as a designer to see where you may get confused

:hatched_chick:Have a yarn that is thinner than the yarn for the chicken to make your chick [EX: super bulky #6 & bulky #5] (this is recommended in the pattern)

:chicken:Be communicative, I must ask that you ask questions and point out errors!

I will be gifting my testers the pattern


Cute. Good luck with the testing.


I do not mind testing, I have a lot of time on my hands, and it seems pretty fast to make :slight_smile:


Thank you!! It definitely wasnt a long project, took me maybe an hour at most!


I’d like to test them :grin::heart:


I would love to test this

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