CLOSED Tester Call - Echo the Dolphin

Hello! I’m looking for 5-10 people to test my very first Ribblr pattern, Echo the Dolphin. You can use any yarn weight you like, and I’d like you to finish by February 25th. I would also really appreciate if you could make a journal entry for the pattern. Thank you!!


Hi, i would like to apply to be a tester for your pattern. I have done various types of projects, such as amigurumi and blankets, and this would be my first time as a tester for a pattern.
Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile:
~Alisha 🩵:dolphin:🩵

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I’d love to test your pattern, I love doing amiguirumi

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Id love to test this pattern!!! So cute!

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Thank you! I added you.

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Too cute! Would love to test for you!

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If you’re still in need of testers I’d love to be considered. My instagram is stitched_with_hope

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Congratulations on your first pattern test and cloud luck!

Thank you!! I added you.

Thank you! You’ve been added.

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Thank you! Just added you to the testers.

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Thank you! Added you.

I’d like to test this. Any wool/hook/colour is ok?

i would love to test this for you!!

Just checking if there’s a top fin piece missing in the pattern or do we just make a 3rd fin? I’m loving this pattern by the way!!

Yeah, I could have sworn I typed that part, but the top fin is missing. I’ll get it added today lol

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Yeah, it will work with any yarn. I’ve made it with worsted weight and sport weight so far. I’ve added you.

Thank you! I’ve added you.

Lol it’s all good :grin:

Wow he looks so adorable I would love to be a tester if you still need more :yellow_heart: