(CLOSED) Tester call for Crochet: Eggy Angry

I need testers for my Eggy Angry - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I would like 2-3 testers for my Eggy Angry. He is quite small - approximately 10cm when made with dk yarn and a 2.5mm hook. I have no requirements for yarn type, colour or hook size, and would love to see a variety. I would just like feedback on the pattern - if you spot any mistakes or anything that could be improved for clarity. I would also love a photo of your finished Eggy Angry to use on my Instagram and, if possible, added to a journal.

Eggy Angry is relatively simple to make, with some sewing required to attach the eyes, gloves and mouth, which is why I have assigned it as intermediate level. You have the option to use either safety eyes or crocheted eyes, and instructions for both are included in the pattern.

Eggy Angry is going to be part of an Eggy Emotions bundle.

I intend to pick testers relatively quickly, and would like it completed by Sunday 4th February if possible.


He looks great :+1:


Thanks. It’s so hard to get an angry expression with crochet :rofl:

I work with vulnerable children, and the idea is for something to help them express how they are feeling. Hopefully they will understand that this one is supposed to be angry.

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I think they will especially with the colour choice
Lovely idea well done


I would love to test this cute pattern.


Yes I will!!!


remind me when my son gets angry when little.

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