[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Eggy Mermaid

I need testers for my Eggy Mermaid - Crochet ePattern

Due Date: 2 weeks from start of test (I will pick testers in the next couple of days)

Skill Level: I have assigned an intermediate skill level to this pattern. While the majority of it involves simple stitches, some assembly is required in sewing components together. Additionally, crocheting the curly hair and the scales for the tail can be a bit fiddly and time consuming.

Additional Requirements:

  • You can use any yarn and the appropriate hook size, and experiment with different colours. However, I think that the detail would make it a tricky one to make using a plush yarn.
  • The instructions include options for either safety eyes or crocheted eyes, so do not worry if you do not have any safety eyes
  • You must be willing to provide feedback on any parts of the pattern that are unclear or if you spot any errors / typos
  • A journal entry of the finished mermaid would be amazing, but not required - however, I would love to see a photo of your finished Eggy.
  • Let me know whether you would like to test the mermaid with the curly hair or the pony tail. They both follow the same pattern, other than the hair. Please not that the curly hair is quite time consuming and uses up a fair amount of yarn.

Click pattern photo to apply:
Eggy Mermaid


OMG these are so cute. I can test either you need or both.

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Thank you. Both follow the same pattern so you can choose :smiling_face:

Happy to test pony tail for you

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Would love to test these babies​:two_hearts:so cute!

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So cute! I would love to test both if possible, or your choice.

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I just ordered some variegated yarn the other day colorway was called mermaid so probably use that for one of them when it gets here in a few days.

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That sounds amazing!