[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Low Sew Chonky Bumble Bee

HI everyone!!

I will be picking a couple of testers to test my low sew chunky bumble bee on Sunday Jan 28th. :honeybee:

This is my first pattern that I have actually written/released. I have designed my own patterns before, I just have not written/released them, so there will be more to come if this goes well.

This is a relatively quick make, due date will be Feb 4th.

Materials that I used:

  • Premier parfait chunky yarn in yellow, black and white
  • 4 mm hook
  • 15 mm safety eye

:honeybee: Be able to complete your bee by the due date (Feb 4th).
:honeybee: Provide feedback good and bad about the pattern during testing.
:honeybee: Journal your final make.
:honeybee: Optional: Share your make on instagram and tag me @skyzwonders

To apply:

  • Follow my shop :slight_smile:
  • Comment what yarn and colors you would use (it does not have to be the same, I would love to see different colors)
  • Click the photo! :honeybee:




I love Bees , they never sting me :slight_smile:
Sure, I’ll follow your shop.
I’m new here, crazy ride here! lol
Pink and Red colors for Saint Valentines Day
theme kind of like Love bug!


i hate bees. im so scared of them but this is soooooo cuteeeee!!!
i’d love to test!! i would use sweet snuggle lite in light pink and rlly dark pink perfect for valentines!


I would love to make this little bee for you! My friends birthday is coming up and she asked for a little crocheted animal. I think this would be great! I have to check how much yellow yarn I have but I will be using premeir just chenille in black and yellow I think.

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I would love to test this!!! It would match my name too lol​:joy: I followed you and I would use yellow and black and pink​:honeybee:

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Id love to test your adorable bee pattern. I think it would look really cute in Valentines colors. :honeybee:


I would love to test this adorable pattern for you! :blush:
I would use the classic bee colors, but with a lighter yellow than the one in your picture.

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These bees are adorable

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Thats so cuteee

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I think I would use dark brown for the stripes, mint green for the body, and white for the wings. It would be like a mint chocolate chip bee which I think would be really cute :slight_smile: Tbh I have no idea what the yarn brand is but I’ve used it before and the results are always really good :sweat_smile:


Crocheted bees are always so cute. But I love how you have positioned your bee. Most patterns show the bee as it is in real life. I would want to make 2. The first in Bernat Blanket in red and cream (gotta at least pretend Im getting ready for valentine’s day lol), and a second one in acrylic yarn, I haven’t decided what colours I want to make the acrylic one in yet. I’ll have to think on it. I love testing patterns and helping creators get their pattern ready for release. I take multiple progress pictures when I test. And once the project is complete I take several pictures at various angles. Congratulations on your new pattern.


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