Closed - Tester call for Crochet: Ollie the Owl Amigurumi

Hello everyone, I am new to Ribblr but not new to patterns and pattern creating. I have been crocheting since 1971 and started writing patterns in the mid 1980s. This is a pattern I created and had tested in a small FB testing group but I wanted to post it here to and get more testers.

This is a very easy pattern suitable for an an advanced beginner and would even be fun for any 4H student (I teach local 4H kids)


  1. Finish testing by Aug 15th
  2. No specific color required but must use required yarn weight and hook size(s) H or I hook and 4 weight worsted yarn

Ollie the Owl Amigurumi - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


Aww! So cute! :blush::two_hearts:


How cute! Good luck with testing, I noticed one of the requirements is to use the required yarn weight and hook size(s) but I didn’t notice what they are/what yarn weight and hook size is required, if you’re able to edit the post to include which are required or comment them so testers know what is required of them either or is fine :smile:


Id love to test :heartbeat:

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Id like to know too please! I have worsted weight yarn size 4 if thats okay !

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Thanks I just updated the hook/yarn requirements on the post. H or I hook and 4 weight yarn


Yes 4 weight yarn and H or I hook


Sorry but what is type 4?
I am in the UK so is it an Aran or chunky?


It’s a medium/worsted yarn in the USA that’s what size 4 typically is


Hi. Instructions are hidden/blocked

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Try it now.

They are showing now

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Can I just check something? The first chain is the top of the head and we are working down over?

Just had to take eyes back off as I started them on round 8 and put them towards the working stitches.
Might make it easier if you say ‘put eyes between 3 and 8. Or mention that it is top down

This is worked top down. Following the picture for eye placement. It’s not as precise.

I will mention top down for sure thanks.

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