(CLOSED) Tester call for Crochet pattern: Exquisite Aqua Wheelie Lace Scarf.

I need testers for my Exquisite Aqua Wheelie Lace Scarf - Crochet ePattern

This crochet pattern has been revised to make easier for the beginner. I am looking for 2 to 3 testers: Beginner is welcomed!

Here are what you need to do:

  1. testing will be finished by end of 29th July, and
  2. leave comments below if you are willing to test and let me know the colour of yarn you like to use.
  3. follow my insta (@redjkdesign) (no DM in insta please) or my Ribblr.

Thank you!


I would love to b a tester!! I am a beginner but my mom lives with me & she is very experienced with crocheting.


Great, just added you as tester for this pattern:-) Let me know if you have problem to access it. Please also let me know when you chose the yarn.


This is beautiful and I’d love to test for you! I have size 3, 4, & 5 yarns in a variety of colors. If you have no color preference, I would most likely make in a #3 Yarn Bee Caterina called Thistle (greys, blues and purples), or a #4 in yellow


Thanks, that’s do lovely to hear. I would love to see it in variety colour​:heart: I will share the pattern with you soon. I would also like you to let me know how it progress and any feedback.


I’d love to test this! I’m a beginner but have someone very experienced in crocheting who can help me. If chosen I’d plan to use colourful mandala yarn!


Thanks again, the pattern has been assigned to you. Please keep me updated how you progress and let me know if you have question​:blush: Jie


Thanks for everyone showing your love for this crochet test call, much appreciated.

This test call has been closed now.
There will be more new patterns come out soon, drop a comments or follow my account if you are interested in future testing either knitting or crochet​:blush:


Hi, just wondering how you go with your test on this scarf? Any progress and feedback?