[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Pearlfish ONLY

The Sea Cucumber pillow portion of this pattern has already been tested; this tester call is only for the Pearlfish (testers will have access to the full pattern).

Due Date: August 1st

Additional Requirements: If you intend to use the Pearlfish as a warm/cold compress, you MUST use natural (cotton/wool) yarn and are strongly encouraged to test the yarn in the microwave prior to beginning. Feed corn (recommended) or rice will also be needed.

Click pattern photo to apply:


That it so cool and I love that you could put it in the microwave! Those come in so handy on those days! :heart:


I have to admit it’s become my favorite pillow. The picture suffered a bit just because I’ve used it so much while finishing the details on the Pearlfish pattern lol