[Closed] Tester call for Crochet: Pie Pin Cushion 2&3/4 [Cherry/ Blueberry]

I’m ready to roll out testing on my next 2 pie pin cushion patterns. This is my cherry/ blueberry pie pattern :blueberries::cherries: You only need to make one of the two, but you’re welcome to do both! Thanks for all the help so far!

This is what I’m looking for:

  1. Because this is a simple pattern, due date will be the end of the day Nov. 24th (5 days from this post)

-Please let me know if you need some extra time, (especially if you are celebrating holidays this time of year). I can work with you!

  1. I am looking for 3-5 testers

  2. A journal is required and would really appreciate a social media post mentioning my shop name (StudioRhi), and tagging my IG (studio.of.rhi) if you have an account to post on

  3. I don’t have any specific yarn color or weight requirements, but please use the same weight for all components of the pattern

  4. l am looking for feedback on the following:

  • Any typos you find in the pattern
  • If you had any questions about the pattern, or if anything was unclear
  • Any recommendations on how to make the pattern easier to read
  1. A photo of the finished product along with feedback (this can either in your journal or
    through messaging)

I will be doing a tester appreciation post on my Instagram and on the Ribblr community. I look forward to seeing your makes! :smile:

Click pattern photo to apply:


I would love to test this cute little pie!


I like pie, lemon meringue is my favorite. I think I could get this done quickly :). Been looking for a pin cushion


What types of pictures would be wanted in the journal like if it was a finished product or when it’s half way finished

Sorry I’m new here

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No worries! I’m primarily looking for finished product photos, but you’re welcome to document you whole process in the journal with photos as well. :smile:


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