CLOSED Tester call for Crochet: Rememberance Day Poppy

I need testers for my Remembrance Day Poppy pattern. Here are the requirements:

  • I’m looking for 1-5 testers
  • Due on Dec 1st 2023
  • Tester call will close Nov. 21st 2023
  • If you do not submit the pattern in time you will not be selected for future patterns
  • Crochet ePattern
    Click pattern photo to apply:

Is there a specific yarn you require?

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Nope. There r no yarn requirements.


Remembrance Day and Poppies

Why did poppies grow on the battlefields?

The artillery shells that churned up the soil and maimed and killed soldiers, brought not only Clostridia, the deadly bacteria to the surface, but also encouraged the proliferation and growth of the dormant poppy seeds that later in their beauty, bloomed in profusion on the barren, scarred land, even in the cemeteries.


Cool fact. Thanks for the information.