(CLOSED) Tester call for Crochet: Taylor Swift- 1989 Seagull Granny Square 直

I need testers for my Taylor Swift- 1989 Seagull Granny Square - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

hey everyone! this is a new kind of pattern, I dont usually do granny squares, so heres my first one!


直Im looking for 3-7 testers

DEADLINE: Be able to finish by October 10

直You may use any yarn, I recommend using the suggested colors to match the album

直If you drop out, you will no longer be considered in future tester calls

直Pattern will be gifted upon completion, as soon as I can. (for 1 karma point)

直Journal is REQUIRED with photo and feedback

直Group Chat will be made to discuss pattern, details, info, questions, photos etc.

Please let me know if you find mistakes, or need help!

Thank you!! 直:notes:


Cute!! 直:butterfly::blue_heart::billed_cap:
Good luck with testing!!

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Thank youu!!

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Hi! I would love to test this pattern, I can have it done soon.

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Great!! Thank you!

AHHHH a swiftie themed granny square my dreammmm! Applied! Do you plan on doing more taylor themed ones?

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I do! the next one is probably going to be Lover

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Thats so exciting!!! Are they going to be free patterns?

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A hero, truly :rofl: Thats super exciting!!! I see a taylor themed blanket or bag in my future

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thatd be amazing!! and haha yes, I love releasing free patterns! I approved you :slight_smile:

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Free patterns are just the best honestly! Im working on my first pattern here and there because I want to start putting out some free patterns of my own!

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much!!!

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thats greatt!! yww! <3

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@leaders please close this! tysm!

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