CLOSED Tester call for Crochet: Tiny Cowboy Hat

I need testers for my Tiny Cowboy Hat - Crochet ePattern
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Hi, everyone! I need testers for my tiny crochet cowboy hat! I made it for a crochet turtle I made(not my pattern), and so it’s pretty small, not human sized at all! I know everyone’s busy with the holidays so the deadline to finish this is January, Friday 5th. There is no yarn requirements, but I did use cotton yarn so that’s recommended. It is required that you provide a journal. If you find any problems in the pattern I request you point them out to me so I can fix the problem! Thanks so much! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Omg wait I have a stuffed toy who would look majestic in that cowboy hat

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That’s adorable! I hope you applied, but it will be a free pattern.

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I would love testing this! Maybe it would fit some of the other things I’ve made

Good luck on your testing

(I’m hoping that cancel button on a pic misclick works because I currently don’t have the time to test. And apologies for that!)

omg this is sp cute!! My chinchillas would be the BEST cowboys :joy:Would love to test for you!!

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So cute! I crochet turtles and sell them on Etsy. A tiny little hat would be so cute!

Thanks so much everyone for the interest in this pattern! Testers have been chosen! If you are interested in this pattern, it will be a free pattern!