[Closed] Tester call for Crochet: Tiny Whale 🐋

Hi! I need testers for my tiny whale
• I need around 5 testers
• I will be choosing the testers on 26 September
• The due date is on 28 September
• I don’t have a picture for the tiny whale but its around the size of a marble

I would like my testers to:

  • get a nice picture of the finished product
  • make a journal
  • correct any mistakes I made in the pattern
  • tell me the time taken to make the tiny whale
  • give feedback on this pattern
  • find out the level of this pattern

Click pattern photo to apply:


Hello! I applied, but I cannot see the picture of the whale…




Hello I can’t find pattern? Not sure if you removed it. I was finishing it up just need to add journal pic

Oops sorry I don’t know what happened it just disappeared. I’ll make it public for you to finish testing it

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Okey pls let me know when it’s up thanks 🫶🏽

It’s public now

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Just uploaded it , I couldn’t find it and I kept refreshing your fee and it finally came out :grin:

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