CLOSED Tester call for Crochet: Watermelon Clicker Fidget Stim Toy

I would like around 4 testers for my Watermelon Clicker Fidget Stim Toy - Crochet ePattern
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Tester Call open for 24 hrs!

Due Date: Sunday June 16th

Additional Requirements: please create a journal with your testing make, and provide feedback in the testers group chat.

Pattern uses a 3.5mm hook and ww acrylic yarn, tho it can be made in bulky chenille with slight adjustments.

Pattern requires 1 or 2 snapping hairclip barrettes, and a small scrap of fabric.

Please use the same colors as the pattern (red, white, green, and black)

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Note: All profits from this pattern being sold will be donated to the fund-raising efforts of Operation Olive Branch. Additionally, any of my other creations in Watermelon theme will also have their profits donated.
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Click pattern photo to apply:
Watermelon  Clicker Fidget Stim Toy


You might want to put any yarn/hook/colour requirements!
Good luck with testing <3


Oh thank you for reminding me! I just edited the post to add.


Tester application open for a couple more hours only!

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I have the hook, colors and worsted weight, along with two daughters that will happily donate some hair clips in their most hated colors :joy::rofl:


Tester call closed! Thank you to all who applied! I will be selecting and messaging testers soon

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Omggg this is amazing :sob:! I can’t believe I missed this :watermelon:


I am working on a few more watermelon fidget patterns, so hopefully you get a chance to help with the next one!


S A M E !!! I’ll definitely try to get the next one


Yes please !:pray:

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