(Closed)Tester call for New Crochet pattern: Trixie the Rattlesnake

I need testers for my Trixie the Rattlesnake - Crochet ePattern

Looking for two to three testers willing to test out Trixie the Rattlesnake.

Testing will begin today and end on February 9th.

Testers that complete the test will receive a free copy of the final design.

Please communicate any issues or questions you may have during the testing, complete a journal for your test, and have fun!

Communication is important!

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good luck with your test! it looks great!!!

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id love to test as long as its ok that i use crochet eyes or solid black safety eyes

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It would absolutely be ok to use any kind of eye you would like! I will add you to the test!

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I’d be delighted to test for you, and can get it done by the deadline :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll add you as a tester! Thank you!

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Would you still like that third tester? I’m a fast crocheter and could definitely get it done by the deadline. I love snakes and this looks like a beautiful pattern! If not that’s totally okay too and I wish you the best with your pattern test regardless!