[CLOSED] Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Sabine the Snake

Hi Everyone! I need testers for Sabine the Snake. Due Date is March 9th. Let me know if you are available!


I’d be interested! What type of yarn did you use and what kind of feedback are you looking for? Would it matter if I were to use a different yarn type/hook size?


Good luck with testing! It’s super cute!

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I used worsted weight acrylic but feel free to use what works for you. I would love feedback on clarity and any mistakes I might have overlooked. I can add you today if you are still interested :grinning:

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Very cute :snake: Good luck on your test! :heart_eyes:


Great! I’ll add you!

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I would love test! I have some fun snake eyes i can use!!

I’d LOVE to test using blanket yarn!!

Oh sounds fun! Can’t wait to see. I’ll get you added. Thanks!

I’ve been wanting to make one in blanket yarn but I haven’t had the time. Would love that. I’ll add you!

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Oh what a cute snake! Good luck with testing!