Hii I was just wondering how does one collaborate and how does is work bc me and someone are doing something that you don’t GET TO KNOW I just am wondering how it works bc me is kinda a dumb Eggie


idk i think u make a collab acc or js do it on insta


It depends on who is asking for the collaboration, and what exactly they mean by “collaboration”

Some people want to get all the revenue for selling a pattern, but want someone else to do all the hard work of writing, tech editing, etc. the pattern. And maybe they have just a rough sketch of their idea for the person writing and tech editing it.

We had at least one member here try to “kind of” do this, but no one took her up on it


I’m not sure :thinking: sorry


Me and someome else are collaborating as she doesnt have may patterns and struggles writing them so we both designed how its gonna look and were both writing it up as i give her tips on how to write it and also how we want it to look.
Shes going to have it in her shop and thwn in the intro shes just going to say this was designed by @HuggleNHooks and me and then she will just say that we both created it


Hello! A collaboration can mean many things! Currently im collabing with 2 other designers for a Crochet along we will be hosting soon. So thats one example.

Other examples:
:black_small_square:︎ Creating a pattern together, both of you putting input in to make 1 great pattern.
:black_small_square:︎ Creating a bundle pattern together , lets say you are making holiday desserts. If you have 3 designers that are working together, each designer could make 1 dessert & then publish it together if its free or work out a price thing
:black_small_square:︎ Ive seen this, but dont really recommend : but its a designer asking for help creating a pattern they want to do, but you do all the work while they just publish it


for me, when i collab to make a pattern, we usually just go back and forth saying our ideas, and then you basically like make the pattern up together and test it… it’s like if you were testing a pattern together, except you would make it at the same time together…

if that makes sense? :sob:


I struggle to write patterns? :skull: :skull: lol i just asked so we could both do it together, not cause i struggle. No hate roro ily <3 just didn’t want people to think I can’t write patterns LOL


I swear when we first started planning it, you said you didnt know how to write them very well, i probsblh misheard lol sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sob:


Nooo you’re fine :rofl: these things happen, but you are a better writer than me most def lol. I can write, but I love learning from you too <3

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Awww thx tayy

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