color changing tips

I created a short video to help with color changing. It works with sc graphgans, or c2c. This could help a lot of people, not just those who buy my charts / patterns. Also shows a neat way to secure the new color right away,

Also, I have made my interactive chart into two patterns, one corner to corner, and one sc horizontally. They are the same chart though. So I decided to sell both together. If you buy one, I will gift you the other. So … two for one! I even changed the price to $2.41. (two for one). :slight_smile: Here are the links to those if you want to check them out.


I just watched your video and I think it’s amazing that you make the first sc with the long tail to make sure it’s secure, genius!! I’ll definitely be using that method of color change! Your patterns are so beautiful, and so detailed :heart_eyes::us: