Common ND struggles 😅

Let me know your struggles in the comments!

When a pattern has a LOT of lines and your adhd doesn’t let you see the end of it :sweat_smile:

When you pull through but the yarn is still there, so you pull through again and again and it ends up being a tangled mess and you gotta frog a few stitches and start over :sweat_smile:

When you absolutely gotta stim right now, but your hands just wanna crocheeeeeet so you crochet while rocking and it’s really not that easy :sweat_smile:

Deadlinesssss (do I have to explain this one? Loll) :sweat_smile:

When a pattern doesn’t explain why a thing is made that way and it doesn’t make sense to you so you can’t do it because of demand avoidance :sweat_smile:


Oh I feel all of this so hard…as I’m rocking back and forth :rofl:


I used to rock on the bed from as early as I can remember to about 20 years. It was the only way I could fall asleep. Plus, I’d do it during day while listening to music.
I had a brain hemorrhage when I was born, so I know the AADD is partly from that.