Coolest knitting patterns?

Hey guys! I just started understanding knitting a bit more, and I’d love to find some cool knitting patterns! I love the one dragon wing cowl that looks like the dragon’s wing, but what other stuff is out there? Anything that would be great to wear to a renaissance festival or is super nerdy, but not just a picture graph. Thanks!


It’s going to be hard to find the coolest one but I can hopefully help find some cool ones for a Renaissance festival/super nerdy! For reference for the Renaissance festival are you looking for actual Renaissance or DND type of style?

Edit: I wasn’t sure what style you were going for so I tried my best for a mix of both but it was hard to find any knit, but tons for crochet lol :rofl: here’s some I found that looked nice :grin:

One I found on Ribblr

Some on Etsy


I mean I’ll take the mix of both. Thank you!!


No problem! I love this type of stuff as well so it gave me a reason to finally look for some knit patterns lol :laughing: