Coraline Button Squid Pattern Giveaway + Gift Exchange

(EDIT: Giveaway closed and four winners have been announced.)

This is my first pattern giveaway I am making this year! :two_hearts:

Since I have been getting some support on my Coraline Button Squid free pattern, I would love to give away that pattern for my shop followers for Christmas :christmas_tree: :gift:. If the winners get chosen, they are more welcome to exchange any patterns from my wishlist, since I can’t buy anything online :computer: :heavy_dollar_sign:. I would really appreciate that!

If you would like to enter this pattern giveaway, the only thing that you need to do is to:

  • Follow my Ribblr shop (Heart button) :purple_heart:

I will choose three winners, or depending on how many shop followers I get, this Thursday the 21st around 3 PM PST. In case the winners would like to exchange patterns for me, I’ll let them have more time to find any pattern they can buy this Christmas weekend. I want to thank you all for your support you have given me this year! :sparkling_heart:


Oo it looks amazing, i followed!

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