Couple things I've run into.

When I get a pop up for something on the forum, the button says something along the lines of check it out but hitting the button never works, just closes the window. An example is the pop up that happened for the January updates thread. It’s not been a big issue since whatever it’s alerting is usually at the top of the forum list, but just a heads up.

The new photo edit is awesome but a little wonky. The issue I’ve run into is if trying to resize it down from a top corner, it instead continuously attempts to refresh the page. I’ve found a work around by resizing from the bottom corners and scooching the photo up as I go so it’s not urgent just a funny issue.

I’m using an Android phone on the ap if it helps.


Thanks! Can you please send us a quick video to show this? preferably a link to a secure cloud (Google drive, Dropbox) via private message.
We’ll log it for our engineers to look at :relaxed:


Ive never done any kind of screen recording is there an app you’d suggest for it? Unless someone knows some way to do it without an app.

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You can do it natively on an iPhone using the control center. On other devices any free app will do!

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I’m sorry I never got the video, I meant to respond to this!

It seems to work now, my app over like a week and a half kept updating/changing a little everyday and somewhere along the line sorted itself.


I am also on an android and the app and I also have the photo editing issue as described… I usually edit all my photos in another app anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal, but now I know it’s doing it to someone else and not just my mistake, I thought it’s say something.
And no, I don’t know how to do the filming thing and I don’t have an I phone

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Thanks for sharing!

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