✨ Craft Fair Tips ✨

Hi folks! :wave: I’m going to have a booth at a craft fair this spring, and I wanted to ask you all for some ideas for my stand. :slight_smile:
Could you share some of your tips and tricks? I’m new to craft fairs and would like some tips about pricing, popular items, and table decor. Any pointers and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :+1:


For my set up, I found some vintage suitcases for my great grandma, and I use them to decorate my table


I cannot stress HOW WELL most fidgets sell. Usually they are gone within the first half hour for me. Check out Cable and Canvas on Etsy, her patterns are amazing! I catch people’s attention by using staircase like shelving and, obviously, crocheted items (mostly plushies for me). I put on my best smile and talk to everyone who comes to my booth. I make everyone feel welcome, which makes them a lot more willing to buy something, and also, it’s a great experience for you too. As for pricing, I can’t really say, because everyone crochets at different speeds and difficulties, I and I already struggle at not undercutting myself (:sweat_smile:) so I’m not going to tell you about my pricing because it’s pretty messed up. :woman_facepalming: but most of my items that are priced from $8 to $15 do really well. Sometimes people come along who are willing to drop $50+. (:scream::scream::scream:) but most of the time, $8-$15 does pretty well.


oh how exciting!! i always recommend having a bunch of minis, kids go crazy over things that are within their allowance budget. Which is usually between £5-10. i know i certainly did.

Maybe have something like a plushie keyring lucky dip??

i can link you some mini plushie patterns if you want :))


@BubblzCrochet, I would really appreciate it if you linked some mini plushie patterns! I’ve been struggling to find any! :cry:


of course!! lemme seee

here’s some of mine FREE Almost NoSew Mini Dolphin: Crochet pattern | Ribblr
FREE NoSew Mini Jellyfish: Crochet pattern | Ribblr
FREE NoSew PocketSized Crochet Hippo: Crochet pattern | Ribblr

And here’s some other ones i love <3


chickens sell super well for me!! usually they are the first to go no matter the audience. then all
of my mini things sell well. octos, leggy frogs, anything mushroom, and those kinds of things are really good sellers too! if this is a bigger event i recommend making some bigger items as well, like cows. i will say though, you should have at least 1 big item there so that you can draw people in.

i also recommend that you put some thought into how you want your display to look. you could do something as simple as crates from your favorite craft store stacked up on each other. i recommend pin boarding this to get a general idea of what you want it to look like. i hope this helps!


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