Craft pet peeves

Hey guys, I want to know what your crochet pet peeves are. Mine are when someone assumes you’re not busy and repeatedly interrupt you, and noticing a mistake five rows back and having to frog half the project. :roll_eyes: So lmk​:two_hearts:


Also, when people tell me to “use the yarn you have before buying more.” Like, how rude could you be?:unamused::joy:


Oh gosh, that is always SO annoying. For me, it’s when I can’t get pattern right. Or hats. I hate making hats.


I hate it when the yarn snags on my hook, then I accidentally crochet with it, then there’s a knot in the yarn :confused:


I hate it when for some reason the yarn is all knotted!!! Sometime it’s not a big deal but other times I literally have to stop my project and pick it back up with a slip knot. Like, why is the yarn knotted???

I also hate it when people call knitting crochet and crochet knitting. I know that they can’t really tell the difference, so I try to just kindly correct them, but sometimes it’s a family member or friend and JUST when I thought I drilled the difference into their brains, they come and ask, “Hey, what are you knitting?”

I ALSO hate it when someone starts talking to me when I’m counting stitches, because I immediately lose count. WHY CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?!? :sob:

Finally, (apparently I have a lot of pet peeves) frogging. I hate it when I have a wrong stitch count but I don’t know where I went wrong so I have to frog the whole thing. Or when I have to frog multiple rows. It’s not difficult, but I always triple check the first stitch in the row to make sure I don’t over-frog. This peeve is kind of my fault because I make it annoying for myself but still…:rage:


The feeling you get when selling to friends or family so you lower your prices because of the guilt you feeL… TELL ME WHY I FEEL GUILTY!!!


when i accidentally twist the loop on my hook and I can’t find the “problem”
when someone asks me to make them something frequently (family excluded)
when it says “same dye lot” but ends up A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOR


When someone says, “If I buy you the yarn, can you make me…?” like my time and energy isn’t worth anything. Also, i had an instance where someone asked me to make their dog some clothes, and I told them no because that is just not something I have an interest in and am currently trying to build up my own inventory of things that I create. I was then spammed with a ton of doggie clothes videos and pictures being asked to “look at how cute they are tho.” I said NO!


A few things:

I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people ask me what I’m “kitting”. ITS CROCHET GOOF! It makes me so mad and I still continuously get asked it. Use your brain PLEASE.

It literally MAKES ME WANT TO CRY when people ask me, “can you make me (whatever) for free?” GIRL NO I CANT. It’s like my time and hard work just does not matter. And also, plush yarn is EXPENSIVE! Like gurl I don’t care if your my friend and I don’t care if you’ll be “nice” to me, JUST NO

Bless their hearts because they have ne brains to bless :pray:


When someone asks me to make somthing for them FOR FREE because they are my friend. If I had infinite yarn, time, and energy I would but I dont… Also whenever im knitting or crocheting I use a row counter click thing and i HATE it whenever someone takes it and starts clicking it making me lose how many rows i made.


I do that too! I’ll lower the price because I don’t want them to think I’m charging too much for something small.


I am the same I hate having to recount… my best friend bought me a coffee cup that says “F off I’m crocheting”.

My other pet peeve, as a fellow crocheter, is being asked what I’m knitting. This happened a lot with my high schoolers prior to this year… when I explained I’m not a knitter I’m a hooker… now they ask me all the time what my newest hooker project is. We both laugh and I have had a few guys ask to learn from this.


uhh, probably getting blisters in random places from the hook and getting asked what im knitting (TWO NEEDLES = KNITTING, ONE HOOK = CROCHETING, GET IT RIGHT)


when someone i talking to me when i’m CLEARLY counting my stitches :roll_eyes:


Lots of good peeves but may I add: crochet uses so much yarn than knitting but crochet is so much more versatile imo.
And for me, it’s easier to make designs. So when i see how much yarn is required with a hook vs needles i cry.


Omgosh! I absolutely am with you on this one! My husband is the WORST with this! I’ll sit down to work on my projects and he may not have spoken to me all day, but suddenly I’m the most popular person on the planet!


When people call my crocheting knitting. My family does it aaaaaaaallllllll the time.

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IRK! It’s soooo annoying!

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I hate it when people underestimate how much time I put in to my crochet, assuming that a plushie I spent 4+ hours making is just 15 minutes worth of easy work, and then ask me to make them one. :unamused:

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Yes!! I hate this!!

I have this friend, and she’s really nice but a little pushy. I’m not very close to her, but she’s always bothering me to make things for her. She even roped me into a crochet class for her and some friends!! Two weeks later, she dropped it because she would rather me crochet for her. I mean, what???

I don’t mind crocheting things for people, and I love doing it, but I hate it when someone just consistently asks me to make different things. And then when I make it…they don’t care anymore. :sob: