Craft translations

Hello! This topic is directed mainly towards those who knit or both knit and crochet. My goal for 2022 is to learn how to knit. I currently crochet and I was wondering if any of you have some tips on how crochet skill translate to knitting or if you have any tips for beginner knitters. Thanks!


Well, I would say to find your way to hold the yarn and needles! I started off with holding the yarn and wrapping it around the wrong way (because I tried to make it as similar as I could to crocheting because that’s what I started with) so I think that’s what you should start off with! I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did :upside_down_face:
I really hope this helps!


I’m in the same boat. Been crocheting for 20+ something years, and still have never learned to knit. I want to and need to learn. I’ve received 2 different knitting books as gifts, and I want to make so many things from them. I’ve been wondering if there’s a really good YouTubers or there that anyone might suggest watching?


the most knowledgeable you tube instructor I have found so far is Very Pink Knits, you really don’t want to learn from someone that doesn’t know much more than a beginner, but hopped on you tube because they think they do.
As far as how it translates… that’s like putting a roller skater on ice, it’s kind of the same, but really different.
And what I tell every new knitter: There is no wrong way to knit.
As long as you maintain tension, don’t twist your stitches, and your shaping leans the right way, it will not matter how you held your needles or yarn.
So if you find that nothing is clicking with you, start searching out knitting styles in other countries to see how people outside “the industry” do it.


Thank you for your insight. It’s very much appreciated!:heart:


for me personally i found that learning how to knit continental style was much easier than english style bc for continental style yarn is held in the left hand which is how it’s usually done when crocheting!


I’ll have to remember that!