Craft Yarn Council Survey

If you want, the Craft Yarn Council has a survey to explore how yarn crafts have impacted your life.
Takes 5-10 minutes, depending on how fast you read.


So, I did it and I feel really weird about it. Does any one know why Hispanic/Latino/Spanish had it’s own separate question from all of the other listed ethnicities?


I don’t know, but I hear ya. It’s used to be white and non-white years and years ago. Slowly been including other ethnicities. I don’t think they have them all represented.


I’m sure they haven’t captured everyone, that would take a lot of work and I think most companies/orgs just don’t invest in the resources to do an in-depth job. I’m glad it’s improving though, and I hope it keeps improving.

I just found it so odd that I was separated out from the ethnicity question into a specific one… using kinda iffy wording too. I’m not in the US so I thought maybe there was a reason for it that I’m not seeing?

It’s so weird to think of “white/non-white” being the only options! :flushed:


I just put in “human”. I am of Puerto Rican heritage but I am 3rd generation American by birth. My children are 4th & grandchildren 5th. 4th & 5th generations are total mutts. Many ethnic backgrounds. That question is mute. Ethnic background has nothing to do with crocheting


Agreed. I’m really curious how they plan to use that demographic information :thinking:


Yeah it was a bit of a weird question


I don’t know. But what I have seen from other institutions that collect this data (think veterans administration where I used to work-I was the Disability Spokesperson), it is used to help the institution promote action that would increase the “minority’s” participation.
Think African Herirage month, Juneteenth, Hispanic Heritage month, Cinco de Mayo, Feast of the Virgen de Urkupiña (Bolivia), and so on.
This data can be used to encourage the designing of patterns consistent with these cultures/Holidays; encourage yarn companies to dye lot different colors again consistent with these cultures, create ambassadors for each culture.

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Yeah I thought that was a little strange after I submitted no and there wasn’t a question like that for another race/nationality. I was expecting one for Asian, African, and native heritage too. That’s a little odd for sure. I just went and found African American but still, what do they plan on doing w that information?


See my post above yours. :wink:


I don’t know the why, but every application I’ve had to fill out has always had it as a separate choice… Never made sense to me (I’m 37, so about 20 years)