Creating Round Charts - What method do you use?

I am curious as to how you all design and chart your round patterns?
For Square, rectangle and C2C I use a combination of Excel and Illustrator, with some hand drawn charts thrown in… but it is the round ones that are the most difficult to get right.

Is there a program or application that I don’t know about?
How do you build your charts for round designs, like mandalas, coasters, mats, rugs etc…?


Hi Janine and welcome to Ribblr!
We don’t have support for round shapes yet, but it’s actually an interesting question.

You might enjoy using Ribblr’s interactive chart builder though, which is integrated into Ribbuild, the pattern editing tool. It’s definitely easier and quicker than using Excel, and it also allows crafters to select different charts colors later on if they work your designed chart.


Thanks Saar,
I will definitely try the Ribblr chart builder, it is great to have a focussed application that we don’t have to pay exorbitant $$s for :slightly_smiling_face:
I had someone send me a link to a beading planer which is working quite well for planning the colours and design, and it just leaves planning the increases!

Thanks for such a fantastic platform, not just for patterns but for the forums and interaction with other crafters. It makes a difference to be away from the big social media networks and you can block out the white noise and advertising… keep up the good work :smiley:


Thanks! I definitely agree. Crafting is such a blessing. It’s a great way to bring people together, build bridges, and spread positivity :slight_smile:


Hi Janine!

I haven’t worked with designing charts yet but thinking to round yoke sweaters I’ve knitted, you can maybe produce them in triangle wedges, showing the increases as you go and then having the repeat be until the circle is completed. For example, “rep pattern 4/6/8 times…”
By doing so, you can use the software for a square shape and just not fill in the graphic squares or grey them out…