Crochet Along Call - requesting help

Thought I’d put this out to the community to see if there’s any interest in helping me with my fundraiser. I wanted to do a crochet along before mother’s day (which is May 9th here in Canada) to raise money for my Alzheimer’s (100% of sales will be donated). I’ve never done a CAL before and I can’t get the tech and support I need due to covid/lockdown where I live. Is there anyone in the community who has done CALs who would be willing to step in to do one for my pattern? This of course will also depend on if I can still get a time slot before mother’s day.


This is a lovely idea. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how to best run a CAL or how to keep plants alive. I wish you all the best with your fund raising.

Have a lovely Mother’s Day. In the UK we have ours in March.