Crochet Case

Hi everyone! I have been looking for a crochet hook case for a while but I dont know what case is good. I wanted to ask y’all to see if you knew any good cases :). Thank you all for the help!

In case this is important:

I mostly use metal hooks but I do have some that have grips.

I would like something with pockets so I can organize my stitch makers, sewing needle, etc.

I don’t want a case with hooks because I have too many already.

I shop on Amazon the most.

(I dont know if any of that is important but I thought I should mention it just in case it was)

Thank you again for all the help!


Hey, I’m not sure what I’d recommend but there’s lots of good ones on Etsy, and Amazon too, try to find something with structure, I know a girl who has a pencil case that works well, but alternatively there’s patterns to make whatever you want your case to look like


Thank you!



I don’t know if you are interested in something like that but you could also crochet yourself one!
If you search on pinterest “chrochet hook case pattern” there should he a bunch of different (free) patterns. If they don’t show up that way i can also send you some :slight_smile:


I have been looking for one and finally found this one on Amazon I’ve got it saved in a wishlist for a birthday/Christmas present


I really like the notions/hook case by Clover.
Mine came with a set of the amour hooks. It’s really compact too.