Crochet gift inspo

Just a hopeless girlfriend trying to think of a sweet gift I can crochet for Christmas. My boyfriend loves magic the gathering, Pokémon, Naruto, anime in general.

I really really want to crochet something magic the gathering related but I am having a difficult time finding a pattern. If anyone has any idea where I could look pleaaaase let me know :green_heart:


Do you know which is his favorite card? Maybe you can search that one by name? Please let me know and maybe I can help you find something.

Personally I would try to find a basic amigurumi base and put the details into it. To make it into the card you want.


Complicatedknots have some really great Youtube tutorials on how to make different Pokemon and also a mimic :slight_smile:


Make him his favourite Pokémon :grin:
Ps. If you won’t find a pattern text, ill try to make it and I’ll put you in tester call immediately :heart:

For this year I’m making a video game character for mine, he got sweater for last year. I also made Lapras for my ldbf two years ago. Just try to find that is he into the most and try to make it :grin:


I’ve seen the Magic card back blanket (Not my work - Reddit thread) before using Stitch Fiddle. OP didn’t post the chart though.

I found this bag of mana symbols: Crochet Saturday: A Magic the Gathering Dice Bag – wonderstrange arts


I’ve had this dice bag in my list of things to make for a while now- Ravelry: Dragon Egg Dice Bag pattern by Cindy de Vries not exactly mtg related but good if he has a nice collection of dice for it!

Otherwise I’d say a plushie of his favorite Pokémon- or maybe Naruto’s frog coin pouch? I’ve seen a pattern for that before I just can’t recall where


Thank you guys all for your suggestions !!! I can’t wait to make something awesome for him !!
I am still pretty new to crochet so I’m a little scared branching into new things but I know it’ll be worth it !


I do have a pattern that I got for a dice bag but I had told him about it because I wasn’t sure if he would use it or not. Ultimately he decided yes, but I feel wrong to make it knowing he knows I have the pattern. Does that make sense ?! :joy: I will look into this coin pouch that sounds like a sweet little idea that he’d love


Oh wow ! This is so cool thank you! I am fairly new and wouldn’t know where to begin but I will learrnnnn now I have so many ideas I don’t know what to pick :joy:


I completely get that :joy: I don’t typically make my husband things for gifts unless I can manage to keep it a complete surprise- which is rare lol.

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What works for me to have a perfect or nearly perfect amigurumi are:

Start ASAP
Read the entire pattern through
Double check you have all the supplies
STITCH MARKERS are critical if working in the round ( circles)
Inquire after size of safety eyes if not specified
Stuffing,- I fluff to wispy clouds. And put in 3x the volume
Yarn under ( look up technique)
Amigurumi needs TIGHT tension ( so stuffing doesn’t come out)
Start with small parts- legs, ears, but finish that part ( so all stitches in that part are consistent)
Do a little bit at a time so fingers don’t get tired
Be sure no one interrupts you while making- needs concentration and counting

Debi aka anoswaldoddity