Crochet Hand Pain?

Recently I’ve picked up an old crochet plush project I never finished, and I realized why it never gets completed: my left hand usually ends up killing me after crocheting any tiny pieces in the round. It’s like the pinky of my yarn-holding hand just cramps up only when I’m working on small things in the round.

Does anyone else experience stuff like this? It’s taken me months to get around to finishing a plush goat because each time I attempt an ear or tail, it’s not a relaxing time, it’s stressful because I’m aiming to complete it before my hand starts hurting T_T So far the only things that help are stopping completely, lidocaine cream (helps a bit), or crocheting literally anything larger like a garment or granny square.

What am I doing wrong//what do y’all do for hand/finger pain?


Yes! And my family makes fun of me for my wrist popping ever second :joy::joy::sob:
Things that can help for your wrist/hand pain is wrist stretches, I also like to use ergonomic hooks there soft and prevent pain. It won’t hurt as bad if you keep looser hands and stitches, just flow with it. I like to ice or soak my hands in warm or cold water, it kinda numbs and helps hand finger pain too. Hope these help! And if they do pls let me know!!!


My thumbs, wrists, and forearms hurt really bad too, especially my left which ive always found weird since my hook is in my right hand. There are a few things ive found that really help me:

  1. Heating pad followed by using a theragun.
  2. I like to use the icyhot max lidocaine pain relief patches. I put them on my wrists/forarms before i start crocheting. I saw you said you used lidocaine cream but ive found these work better for longer.
  3. Invest in a good compression glove/sleeve. I got mine at Target i think the brand is Neo G

I hope this helps!


I’ve never tried compression gloves, thats a great idea! I think i must be holding my hand like some sort of witchy bird claw while working on small pieces of crochet, maybe the gloves will help. I think I have the patches of icyhot around somewhere :thinking:


Soaked my hand in hot water and used some patches and it definitely helped. I really had to concentrate on not gripping super hard lol.

It’s a bit wonky, but it was my first go at this pattern :sweat_smile:

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Cute! So glad its helping!

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