Crochet hat help

Can anyone tell me what the width should be for the crown of a hat. It’s for a female adult. I’m not using a pattern so I’m not too sure how many inc. rows to do.


I have this video saved a while back that I haven’t watched yet that might be helpful, hope it helps a bit! :smile:


Wow! That was intense lol… but I got the gist of it. I need 6.6 in in diameter. Thanks so much!!

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Diameter (across) x 3.14= circumference (around)

If you know the persons head measurement say it’s 16”. Divide 16 by 3.14 and it is approx. 5” so you should stop increasing when it reaches that diameter. It’s ok to go a little more then that so you know it will be big enough. I have done it this way for over 35yrs and it never fails.

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Thank you!!!