Crochet hook

amour/clover hooks


Do you need a set or only one or two sizes to start with?
I have a number of different hooks for different uses.
My day to day hooks are my furls streamlines- but I only buy those one at a time (and wish they came in smaller sizes), or Clover soft touch (which were my day to day before getting furls).
For large or small (above 10mm and below 3mm) hooks I have Susan Bates as my go to.
For Tunisian work I have both some from Hobbii and KnitPro hooks.
I have tried a number of different hooks over time and my suggestion does echo others - get something in a size you use often and see if you like it. Then you can work out getting a set.


I just started crocheting. I wanted a set to have a lot of choices, because I don’t know all the projects I want to do yet.


Well, a set of Susan Bates at JoAnns is $12.