Crochet Hooks: Daiso vs Clover, Pen vs Knife Holds

Views from my Studio…

Shopping for crochet hooks.
Wow…the prices across the board!!!

I loved my Daiso hooks, and there is really nothing like them at Amazon or most of the US stores….(insert sad sigh here)

Ergonomic handles most of the time are simply: “thick” handles for folks who work in the overhand method. The ones (like Clover) which have a little “thumb grip”, don’t actually have the thumb position in the correct spot for the “pen hold”.

As I was taught, and crochet in the “old school” style of using the “pen hold”, I would literally have to relearn crochet.

I know…
I used to own each and every brand of hook.
Now the thieves who stole our trailer have each and every brand of hook.

The style of hook has a huge impact on the final product…
and Daiso hooks are only available in Japan,
2 locations in California,
and 1 in Hawaii.

I just discovered that if I have a minimum order of 10 items, I can have them delivered from Daiso direct.

Total to replace hooks, stitch markers and scissors thru Daiso? $24.
Total to ship from Daiso? $15.
It’s worth it.

I’d rather have my Daiso hook than a full set of Clovers.
((and yes…I ordered a few extra in “G”…the only size I really use.))

Sign me: a little happier.

My favorite Daiso Crochet Hook in “G”. I had four: “just in case I lost one”.

Crochet Hook Set prices across Amazon. I have owned almost every one of these…still: none like Daiso. Hubs brought home a bamboo one last night…super light, no grip, and “flippy”.

Another set I thought was close to the Daiso…but look how the demonstration example is holding the hook! I don’t do this…it’s a morphed “pen hold” completely different than the way I work the hook. To use this method (at least for me) would be tiring and less consistent in the stitch results.

Closest I could find…someone wrote an article comparing Daiso to Clover and specifically listed the thumb grip position as being different (Daiso would require the author to learn how to hold in the “pen method” and she didn’t want to do that. I can’t blame her, I don’t want to have to learn the “over hand/knife hold” either.)

The thumb grip is slightly to the side, perfect for the pen hold. The rubber itself has a nice soft texture. I can crochet for hours, and do the most specific stitch work with consistency. Hook brand and style DOES matter. Additionally: it’s a solid 4.00mm. Traditional length, and slightly rounded head. These fit wonderfully in the hand, and pivot beautifully between stitches.

Photo Credit: All Free Crochet

Photo Credit: All Free Crochet


Hee, what grip am I??? I’m neither of those above.
But I hear ya about having the hook you want and need!

Thinking of you and your family. When I lost my only ID- Driver License and had to go through what I call a catch 22 to get the documents to prove “I yam who I say I yam”, I have more compassion for those people who try to use government benefits or deal with such branches. You don’t find out about step B, till you’ve started Step C- it’s insane. A lot of the workers are bird indifferent, or downright rude.
So I feel for you!!


I’m glad you found what you prefer and ata decent price!!
If you are ever looking for another option, I love Yarn Mania Interchangeable Lighted Hook… And since you can switch the hook head, you can also choose which way it’s facing making it usable for both holds…


Oooh, that sounds cool!