Crochet Socks?

Has anyone ever crocheted socks? And if so, do you have any tips? I wanted to make a set for a family member, but I just came to a realization that I’ve never actually made a pair. My first thought was to make them similar to a beanie, but upon more thought it doesnt seem like that would be very comfortable. Help!


I’ve crocheted a couple pairs and my best advice is careful with your tension. If the stitches are too loose or tight they won’t fit right. Good luck!


The yarn you use is very important I believe having nylon and something else is good can’t recall what maybe 20% nylon and other fibers I believe wool works best with that. The nylon helps with it so it doesn’t wear and tear as easily since it will be used. But honestly it depends on how the person plans on using it, like loungewear or in shoes, used daily, etc

Obviously if possible making sure the yarn is machine washable and or machine dryable could be something to look at if hand washing them isn’t something your family member can/wants to do for them

That’s mostly for the yarn lol, a good top is to watch tension and if possible a swatch gauge with or without a pattern is still pretty helpful so you know if you’ll need more yarn or work on your tension or go up and down hook sizes as need


I’ve made a pair of ankle socks and one mosaic knee sock. All were for tests. Gauge is critical. There are some good patterns though to get you going. Marta Mitchell Designs, ACCROchet, Yvonne Choi.


I’ve made a pair for someone before. I recommend going with a “toe up” style construction so you can test it as you go. I ended up having to make a few modifications because it didn’t fit right. You also need a yarn with at least some percentage of nylon in it. This website might also be able to help you a bit:

Good luck!


Coincidentally I just finished a pair! I think the only tip I have that hasn’t been said yet is to be careful picking what kind of stitch you use. There are some really pretty stitches but if they’re too “knotty” they can dig into your feet when you stand on them but if your yarn is thin enough then it doesn’t matter that much