Crochet Tips

Hey there!
I’m new to crochet and I think it would be really useful to get a few tips and tricks from experienced crocheters and some beginner patterns would really help as well
Thanks for the help


I have been crocheting for 51 yrs and knitting for 22yrs I also teach knitting and crochet to 4H kids. Ask away.


Hoiii, the best way to learn is watching looots of crochet videos on youtube. Even if you feel like you understand everything, you still find new tips and techniques all the time.

I recommend learning how to sc (single crochet), dec (decrease), inc (increase), ch (chain), mr/mc (magic ring), and bo (bobble). I find that these are used the most in patterns i use, might be different based on what you like making.

I also recommend watching videos on how to do invisible decreases, they are much neater than normal decreases.
Also videos on the difference between yarn under and yarn over. If you want to make amigurumi (plushies) then i recommend yarn under.

Also ribblr had lots of beginner projects. When searching you can use the filter and set it to beginner. When reading a pattern you can click on the terms you dont understand and ribblr will show you a quick demo on how to do it.

Good luck <3


Also, you can find all kinds of tips in the community here on Ribblr.
Go to magnifying glass on top of your screen type tips in the search bar, and select topics. There are probably hundreds.

Best tip is never stop learning!