Crochet Tools & Resources

Hi everyone! I’m Summer and I run a crochet blog! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was browsing through the community forum, and I had an idea. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out, contribute, or tell me if its a silly idea lol. :sweat_smile:

I noticed some other fiber artists mentioning other sites and blogs that have great tools and resources for crochet. I was wondering if some of you would like to mention what website you use as a resource/tool and why?

I’d like to compile a list on my blog for us to use in the future, as well as post a condensed version here on Ribblr! The list would have the link to the websites with a description about them, the Ribblr member that contributed with a link to their shop/profile, as well as why you love using it to help you with your crochet projects!

For example, I noticed @sleepyfrogstitches mention Yarnsub to assist you in finding a comparable yarn to use if your yarn is discontinued. This is especially helpful if a pattern you’re following uses Lion Brand Yarn, considering they discontinue their yarn so quickly. :worried:

What do you think? Let me know! :wink:


I think it’s a great idea! Myself, i am just starting toys/ami so I’m still figuring out who/ what but sharing what has worked for me.
I noticed that under the Amigurumi topic I had going where I was adding stuff, it got to the point it wouldn’t let me add anymore saying I reached 3 replies- whatever that means.


I think that’s a phenomenal idea. Resource lists are always so appreciated and helpful! I think @anoswaldoddity also mentioned that yarnsub has a cataloge type database you can search, as well as a newsletter you can sub to that specifically highlights new and discontinued yarns!


Thank you! Anything you want to know, feel free to mention it here or message me if it doesn’t let you continue to reply. That way I can do some research and see what I can find for you as well as add it to the list. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Resource lists were the best thing for me when I was learning. Heck, they still help! :smiley: I’ll do some more research into Yarnsub and add it to this list with its features for sure!


There’s a website someone told me about once with “color scheme ideas”…I’ll see if I can find it again.
I have a master list of Crochet Groups on FB you’re welcome to,
and anything else I may have.
Check out my site, as I have an entire section of crochet humor memes, and a few other things.
Help yourself.



Amazing! Thank you so much! :grin: I love a good meme, and I’ll make sure to check it out!


I don’t know if this is the same one referenced, but this site is great for exploring diff color palettes and creating your own!



No…but this is COOL!!!

It was some sort of personal business crochet related, and she put together 100’s of colors with images that “inspired”.

Poppy or Pippy or Pipsqueaky or something like that.
I’ll dig thru my favorites and see where it’s buried.


Oooh that is so neat! That would be awesome! It reminds me of people who dye yarn inspired by images and the colorways always look amazing!


I found the name of them: color boards

This is one,
but there are several.
The one with the funny name had HUNDREDS.

Colour Mood Boards - K.A.M.E. Crochet (


Can you do anything in that app without having to buy it? Is the free one pretty limited?


Ooh I didn’t even know it had an app. I only ever used the desktop version (back when I made gifs and stuff), but I think the desktop version is less limited. Not totally sure though. However there are also these sites if ever you’re looking for color palette inspo:

Color Hex
Color Space
Color Hunt
Color Palettes

They all offer varying levels of customization/creating your own, but tons of gorgeous to be found palettes there!


I have colors, i just don’t know to what intensity each color should show up in the blanket, and how to space it out.
So if there’s any resources for that.


Ooooh that would be a very handy tool indeed! If I come across anything like that I’ll be sure to share!


It wasn’t poppies patch was it?