crocheters of insta/advice?

hey everyone!! I just started an instagram account and was wondering how I can grow my account and reach more people as I want to sell my makes in the future! Any advice is appreciated haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

my insta is k_crochet1 if anyone would like to be friends on there/give advice on there! :white_heart::cherry_blossom:


hi, i just followed you on instagram!!
i recently started my crochet instagram a few months ago and ive mainly grown through following others in the community, interacting with others posts (commenting and sharing), and joining pattern tests! everyone’s been really nice and supportive. I also know reels are promoted a lot by Instagram so that might be a good focus if you want to grow for your business. its great to meet you and i look forward to more of ur posts!!


hiii sorry for the late response! thank you for the wonderful advice! I think ill probably start with just posting and then selling stuff after a while! I hope we can become crochet friends and tysmm for the help again!! :cherry_blossom::two_hearts:


Just followed you on Insta! Please feel free to DM me, I’d love to chat. I’m new to the game as well!


hiii thank you so much!! I just followed you back and dmed you! :cherry_blossom::white_heart: