Cropped photos don't show fully in journals

Something I’ve noticed when it comes to the journal is that when I crop a photo when I upload it there, only about 70% of the photo shows when you come back to the overview. This has been consistent over 3 journals (all three are pattern tests, so I can’t show screenshots. Is there a way to fix this?
I’m doing this on a computer, not a phone, if that helps. I would really love to know how to fix this so I can give these patterns the photos they deserve.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m editing this post to tag @Ribblr to make sure they see it (since I’m not the only one with this problem)


i’ve noticed this too. to counter this, i hold the piece maybe a foot or two away from the camera and take a picture. (i’m on iphone btw) when cropping the pic, there’s a 3x3 grid that appears over the image and i will use the middle grid/box thing as a reference for where to position the centre ((sorry i’m not that great at explaining))

i think ribblr has the 3x3 grid too when uploading to your journal. it’s annoying that it kinda ruins the journal entry as it’s cropped :sweat_smile:


The ratio is 5:4 landscape


aww thats cute lol


I had noticed this as well but assumed if you clicked on the picture you’d then see all of it. I just tried but you can’t click on them. I’m so sad. I’ve posted numerous substandard photos! :disappointed_relieved:


Hmm, I haven’t really seen a grid like that on desktop–I only see a square ^^’ I might need to move over to doing it by phone (if Ribblr supports mine–I have an iPhone 6 and some apps aren’t working anymore :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s time to update now that I’m actually using my phone for something)
It’s good to know this option exists though, so thanks!

That’s kind of odd considering most people seem to take portrait pictures, but I believe you. What I find weird is that the picture doesn’t auto-scale to fit the frame when they don’t have any guidelines to show the borders for the ratio of the picture; that could have been helpful :thinking:
@gizmo705ok Yeah, at first I assumed the same thing–but no :frowning:

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iphone 6, that’s almost an 8 year old phone :sweat_smile::frowning_with_open_mouth: i think it might be time for an upgrade if you can :sweat_smile:

@binka Haha, yeah :slight_smile: I had a pretty new HTC phone 4 years ago, but then it got lost in a taxi in Thailand. Bought a new phone there, a Redmi Note 7 or 9 (can’t remember), but that display malfunctioned a year later and fixing it would be the price of buying a new one–then my sister said that she was going to throw her old phone out, so I took it instead :joy: Since I use my phone like once a day, I haven’t really had a need to update it :sweat_smile: Especially since I have also an iPad from 2021. But now that I’m starting to take more photos, it might be worth it

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omg your poor phones :sob: does the ipad take good photos? i’m not sure what their cameras are like. i think a phone, even just for the camera is a good investment. the quality of the camera can make a huge difference :heart_hands:

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It takes good photos, but can be hard to maneuver since it’s so big ^^’ And sometimes it feels like it doesn’t capture colors as well as the phone does. I believe a phone with a good camera will be a good investment too, but it will have to wait :slight_smile: Over the last 2 years I’ve spent about $3000 on two different laptops ($2000 more if you count the ones I had to send back because they didn’t function properly, but I got refunded for those) since I need them for my work, so that has taken priority–so a phone will likely have to wait a bit :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s just say I haven’t had the best of luck with technology the last couple of years

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well if it works for you, that’s all that matters. it doesn’t sound like it’s one of your priorities atm so it can wait :pray: i hope your luck with technology gets better :sweat_smile:

Please use Landscape 4:3 for best results.


Thanks for giving an answer; but it doesn’t really solve the problem :sweat_smile:
If there’s no way for the cropped picture to show up as it looks when we’ve cropped it in the photo upload page, could it be possible to give the browser version some grids so we can see how we should crop it? Something like the solution that’s available in the app? Especially since many people take “portrait” pictures with their phones rather than landscape, making it even harder to predict.
I’ll try to think about taking pictures further away to account for the space needed at the side of the project in the future, but some guidelines/a grid would really be helpful!

Can you provide an example please? The photo you upload should focus around the center of the image whether it’s landscape or portrait. You may also use our image editor to crop the image, of course :slight_smile:

Sure; I’ll document the process of uploading my Pear-Bear to a journal!
Here’s the original picture:

This is how it looks without cropping, just uploading the full picture to a journal:

Now I’ve cropped it:

And this is how it looks in the journal:

That said; I retract my request for guidelines; they are there, but no matter how I drag them, the full figure won’t fit in the center square:

This center square is the biggest I can make it:

An easy solution might be to put in a warning that this might happen if the picture uploaded isn’t taken landscape-style, but considering how many pictures I see uploaded here “portrait”-style, I hoped I just was doing something wrong on the technical side ^^’

If 4:3/landscape is required, is it possible for the crop tool to be locked to that aspect ratio? I’ve taken so many pictures portrait because I didn’t realize. Or at least an option to lock the aspect ratio for journals.


Thanks for sharing.

Try doing a wider crop for this photo, and it should work just fine!

@gizmo705ok - we’ll look into it!

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I really hate to be a bother, but this is how it looks with the widest crop I can do of the photo;

Which results in:

I turned it sideways, and these are the cropping results:


So cropping the landscape picture kind of works, but there’s no indication telling me what will actually fit in the frame.

I also apologize for all the bear pictures cramming up this thread :sweat_smile: I just want you guys to have as much to compare as possible.

Thank you - we’ll look into it, though it could take time before any changes are being implemented.

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