Currency not set to CAD as I initially set up

I’ve seen other people have this same problem and it didn’t seem like there was something I could do to solve this for myself so hopefully I can get some help.
I set the price of my new pattern to $4 thinking it would be in my currency (CAD) so when i go to look at it as a customer it’s showing a higher price in CAD. How can I get my account set up so that I set my prices in my own currency? I’m not understanding why this isn’t the default.

Thank you!


Found this in the Help Center

I’m on my phone so I can’t copy the link
Go to the Help Center, click “my shop”, click “more” under “selling patterns” scroll down to "will I get paid in my currency? " click that and and scroll down to get the “get in touch” button

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The get in touch button leads you to write a message to ribblr support, which i did :slight_smile:


They’re petty good about responding within 24hrs, usually less :blush: