Curving and wavy blanket…(answered)

Hi! :] so I just started making my very first blanket! I’m on my 9,026 stitch :face_exhaling:
Though I just started noticing…It’s beginning to come into a circle…And the ends are ruffling! I followed the pattern I’m using exactly but I guess I might of done something wrong! I’m starting to get frustrated with it because at first it wasn’t too much, and then it started to curve even more! I might just stop until I get an answer or start all over if it keeps curving…Please help :frowning:


ok, few things, I moved this out of Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: , since that is for issues the team needs to handle
now onto the problem at hand, it sounds like you are adding a stitch at the beginning and end of your rows.
I don’t know the method given in the pattern or the method you are using, but usually the instructions will specify if the chain does or does not count as a stitch. If you are getting bigger , then it does count as a stitch and you need to skip to the next stitch to start your row.
Next, would be the ruffled edges, that comes from your starting chain being too high for the stitches you are making. This happens sometimes, and with experience, you will learn to better gauge how high your turning chains should be for the stitch you are doing.
Next would be the last stitch… this is also a place you can get confused and end up adding on, especially if your turning chain is too long for your stitches. Make sure you always pull up a little on the edge to create a clean vertical line of stitches on top of each other and it will be easier to see where your stitches should go.
Lastly…and this is EVERYONE’s least loved advice, always make a swatch this lets you familiarize yourself with the stitches, the gauge, the style of writing the designer uses, and iron out any issues there may be in your technique. Even if it is just a blanket or scarf, it’s a good habit to get into now to save yourself a lot of frustration, heartbreak, and wasted time or yarn in the future.
Hope this helps :blush:


Okay, cool! Can I still continue or should I start over?


You should start over, and I would work a much smaller version and see if you get the hang of the edges before jumping into a full blanket again


Hey I’m not very experienced in working in rows but here’s what has worked for me in keeping straight edges on projects:

  1. Put stitch markers in the first stitch of each row (you should be using two stitch markers one for the current row and one for the last row).

  2. I know it’s kind of a pain but count your stitches after you have finished your row and make sure it is the right amount of stitches.

Hope that helps!


Aww okay! I was kinda hoping I wasn’t since this yarn is a plush yarn and it would get all ratty and since I worked really hard! But if I have to, then I will :smiling_face_with_tear:


You will appreciate later, when you get more experienced and don’t get embarrassed to let people see what you did​:wink:


Are you working in rows or in the round?
A picture would be helpful


I assumed straight and in rows since the complaint was that it has started to curve into a round and the edges are ruffling.


I thought the curve meant to be “bowl shaped” that’s why I asked


Yeah plushie yarn is hard to see the stitches. You probably added a stitch here and there while making it. I would frog and start again!

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Aww thanks for the encouragements :blush: