Custom crochet cardi

Hi all,
so i’m making a customized cardigan for a friend, my question is since her back measurements are about 19,5 inches, but her bust size about 52inches, is it best to use the measurements of the bust for the back so i know it will def fit her (even when the cardi’s closed) ? really want to make sure it fits her perfectly and it’s a big first time for me making a cardigan in this size.

hope anyone has an answer for me :see_no_evil:


Have you asked her for her measurements? Make sure she measures completely around, across her back (shoulder to shoulder) and across her bustline…3 measurements. You might have to increase or decrease the front or back to get the fit right. Does she live close by to do fittings? That would be your best help


In the ones I’ve tested for the bust always seemed to be the best measurement. Also the swatch I found helpful too because tension does affect the size.


hi she lives overseas unfortunately! i’ve got all her measurements… but thank you!