Deadline timers for tests


Something I’ve been thinking about is how to keep track of testing deadlines (embarrassingly enough, that goes for some of my own tests as well–I get them mixed up with work deadlines :sweat_smile:).
I’d really love a feature where the designer can set a deadline timer on a project so both testers and designers can see when they’re due at a glance. I think it would be truly helpful for all parties involved :smiley:


:open_mouth: I litteraly thought of that earlier today !


YES! As a very forget person I would love this.


I’m saying this as a tester

Picture mock up

I was thinking of maybe there being a box (above “test it” maybe) that showed when it’s due.


It would be very helpful.


Yeah ive forgotten tests alot more than id like to admit :sweat:


That would be a great idea! Also @Nautical85 I love the mockup! I think it would be perfect there :smile:


YES! Ever since I joined Ribblr and started testing patterns in the past couple weeks, I’ve been wishing for the same thing! It would make keeping track of deadlines so much easier, especially for someone like myself who is already a very busy person and also had adhd and tends to not feel like deadlines are real unless i have something solid showing me when something is due and how long I have left to finish it.


Sounds like a good idea, but for Ribblr to do this would be an enormous programming tackle, not to mention how much space the app would take on everyone’s devices. There are several “timer” (reminder) apps available, so that would be my suggestion for keeping track of deadlines for your own projects.
Another method (the one that I use), is using the calendar app on your smartphone or pc. My Android allows me to set a completion date and set an unlimited number if reminders before the deadline with both/or notifications and alarms.
For example, I was just accepted to test a pattern. The deadline is Oct 20th, set weekly notifications, 2 & 1 day alarms and finally alarm & notification at 8am pst the morning of 10-20-2023. I call it, “Set it and DON’T forget it”, lol…need all the memory help I can get at my age.



While it’s a good point and true that this can be handled in other ways, I’m sure that something like this would be appreciated–you’ll have it all your crochet things in one place :slight_smile:
And as to the programming side; there’s a function for setting countdown timers for pattern releases, so copying the timer and removing the “end function” of publishing the pattern could work quite well if something else is too much–it already exists elsewhere on the site.


Great @Nautical85 ! That would be much easier to program!


Absolutely an awesome idea :bulb: