dealing with unmotivation

Does anyone have any tips on how to stay motivated with crochet? I’ve lost my motivation for crochet. I don’t have any ideas, and when I do, I feel too depressed to actually make it. please help :(.


setting due dates may help, that keeps me in line cause i have a tendency to get sidetracked super easily. to stay motivated, i sometimes just put down whatever im working on and make my one of my favorite things to make. i love making balloon dogs and will work on one until it’s finished, then i have fresh motivation to do something else. sorry if these don’t help


I’m never motivated after a little while of making something, and end up sitting down to crochet only to start doing something different.
Here are some tips that might help:
-random color/number generator if you’re working on multiple things/ types of things at once
-crochet setup with everything already there and ready to use
-video of someone crocheting or js video in general playing in the background
-crochet with friends or on a call with friends
-write down daily/weekly goals for projects in some sort of planner or schedule. Make sure to keep them realistic though, I often give myself a couple days to finish a small part because I know I’ll get stressed to complete it on time and end up not doing anything at all.
-(especially helpful if you had a ton of WIPs… this worked for me when I had around 25 :flushed:) hand write each WIP you have down each week, and cross them out as you finish them. This helps to keep them organized as well as making you sick of writing them out to the point where you’re just so done with making that list over and over again, so you finish them just because you don’t wanna do it anymore : D


You sound just like me- I have about three wips that I know I am never gonna finish!!


thank you I’ll try this ^^


right now I have about five :")


tysm for the advice I’ll try this out tomorrow :)!!


hope they work for you :]


Hello There - When I get like this I crochet small quick things like a pot holder or a bath poof or wash cloth or I’ll crochet around an elastic to create a hair scrunchie. The quick completion helps me to feel like I am accomplishing something when I’m unmotivated or impatient. Especially after I have completed a project that took a long time. It keeps me crocheting and allows me to reset for a bigger project after a while.


thank you so much this actually helps me as well


i myself have been in a crochet slump (as i like to call it) recently and here’s what i did…

i chose a day/ days that i knew i didn’t have a huge task to get done, i.e. cleaning my room, working, doing anything around the house etc

over the course of three days i listended to music, watched tv and just went out to be near people while i crocheted. i, myself, wasn’t with friends bc i know i can’t work well around them without getting distracted; however if you can more power to you! i went to my local library, but you can go anywhere like… a coffee shop, a park, a bookstore etc, this helped me out soooo much.

i brought a few different yarns with me with different projects in mind. for me when i get into a depression mood i try to go outside and move for a bit, this also helped a ton, i know a lot of people arent able to do this but it’s what works for me! maybe even try spending time with some people you’re close to whether it be in person or on call, texting with people seems to bum me out even more when i get into that mindset!!


For me, if you’re not interested in the projects you’re making or you don’t like them, undo them, or if you have some motivation, make a very clear ‘due date’ to make it and gift it to a friend. I’ll send you some cute patterns that I think you would like.

Check out the pumpkin bear by @waicrochets
Or maybe Posy the mouse by @Lil’mintlions