Dec days of free gifts

I’m following the makers for the claiming of the free pattern, but I guess it’s not registering… when I go back to the claim the free pattern, it still shows I’m not following them? Can anyone let me know what I’m doing wrong?


Hi please make sure you follow the shop and not the community profile. Click the purple heart icon at the top part of the shop, then head back to the pattern to claim it.


I always have to reload the page before is registers that I am a follower.


Same. If you hit refresh it will let you claim the pattern

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Thank you!

Thank you! I was using the pc but switched to the app instead. Got it to refresh and was able to get it to work.


Thank you very much!

After you fill in the purple heart at the maker’s shop, hit the back arrow on your browser to get back to the pattern page. Once you are back at the pattern page, click on the refresh button in your browser to reload that page. Then scroll down on the pattern page and you should see the Get It button lit up. Hope that helps!!! :slight_smile:

I usually find that I can’t go back and receive the gift. But I can go forward. So, after you follow their shop, click on their name and go to their shop again. This time when you select the pattern it will know you are a follower.