Design Pages for Non-Designers

I watched the launch party; so nice to see faces and hear voices to connect with names. When Lyr mentioned being able to document a pattern that might not become a published pattern, I got excited. I immediately logged in to look for that space and found I don’t have that feature. I am by no means a designer, but I have taken stitch patterns I find interesting and used them to develop a bag, a scarf, a hat, etc, and I’ve been thinking about doing that with some random skeins I have in my stash. I realize designers probably need access to Ribblr resources that someone like me doesn’t, but are there plans to offer crafters the opportunity to do that kind of design dabbling in the future?


That’s a very interesting idea! We’ll have to keep that in mind and see how we can potentially develop something like that for crafters. It’d also be interesting to hear the thoughts of more crafters and whether they’ll be interested in something similar!

Thanks for joining the party! :tada:

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This feature is also a big part of why I wanted to join. I’ve designed a few things in the past and would like to design more in the future, and even, maybe, become a proper pattern designer with time. Having an interactive space to do this from after I’ve doodled my ideas on paper would be great!


It sounds like you should have a designer’s account! This way you can start designing directly into Ribbuild, our pattern editing tool - and continue on any device!
Send us a message if you’d like us to convert your account.

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Does it cost more to have a designer account? If so, how much? I’m not a designer but “might” like access to the features they get to use sometimes

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Both accounts are completely free. If you are interested in converting your account please message us.

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