Designers, shops & other stories... 😊

Hello Fibre Friends! :white_heart:

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you & congratulations to all involved in making Ribblr a real life thing - it’s incredible! :partying_face:
I’m here in a crafter capacity as opposed to designer so I’ve been quietly poking around for a couple of weeks.

On the back of that, I have a question!

One of the first posts I saw was from @sparguryarn who was talking about their patterns. Me, being the cat that curiosity tried to kill, wanted to see those patterns. I clicked their username, went to their profile but couldn’t find a link to any patterns. I figured maybe they hadn’t made their patterns public yet so I searched for a designer who’s pattern I already had in my library & yielded no results.

So, (after that possibly unnecessary spiel :thinking:) my question is… is it currently not possible to search for a specific designer/shop or have I gone completely bonkers?

Considering the site’s still in beta, in my crafter’s opinion, it’s looking & functioning amazingly… I’m just being curious! :see_no_evil:


Welcome to Ribblr @PixxieKnitz and thank you so much for the kind words! :purple_heart:

That’s a great question. We still don’t have a link between a designer’s personal profile here on the community and their shop… yet! It’s something we are working on :slight_smile:

I know for certain that Will (@sparguryarn ) has quite a few (really lovely! :blush:) patterns. Here’s his shop.

If you have any other questions or want to share thoughts/WIP or anything else please feel free to do so!


Thanks for your reply & the link… no doubt I’ll be back with more curious ponderings!

Can’t wait to see this little community grow! :white_heart: