Diagonal Heart granny square

So for Valentines Day I wanted to replicate this bag:

But I couldn‘t find any heart granny square patterns where the heart is placed diagonal like in the picture.

I‘m trying trying to figure out how to fill the V-shape of the heart.
Can somebody see how it was made in the picture?

Thanks for your help :blush:


I found these diagonal heart squares:

In your photo it looks like the V was filled with a tr in the centre and a dc on either side of it, with a shorter st either side of the dc sts (sc or hdc). Then it was squared off by making dc sts around with sc sts over the two arches, with probably a hdc on either side of the sc sts. You’ll probably need to experiment a little to see what works best.


Like this?

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So cute, but I have a bad history with hearts

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I think that the heart was made first, and then the square was built around it

The center of the heart looks like several US treble crochet. Round 2 looks to be US double crochet