DID Systems?

Are there any other DID systems here who are into crochet?

We’re looking for new people to share experiences with.


here! and also crochet and plurality together is a v interesting subject to consider (at least to us) because it started as a hobby of one our headmates but as splits happened and more people tried it out it became a system wide thing! some of us cant hold a hook right and some only like knitting, its v interesting




We don’t always talk about us being a system so it’s nice to see others so open about it!

Only a few of us do craft stuff but it’s definitely a good way for various folks to front every once in a while ahah.


Hello! I am not a DID system but i do have DP/DR Disorder with age regression episodes. Same person/personality but i will often regress into very young me and often have similar struggles to ppl with DID. I hope i can hang out here regardless, it is so hard to find people who understand the entire dissociative disorder thing.

Not quite a system, but I have headmates and headspace! Most of em can’t crochet, one of em has a kit though.

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